4th July 2011

The loss of an island friend at sea weighs heavy.

So Another Metre begins quietly and differently to envisaged - privately.

fallen 1 at  400.jpg

As I sit, an Easterly breeze deposits metre fall out on my knee.

I wonder if the metre, under the wing of the western gable of the house, will have its own micro-weather system?

fallen 2 at 500.jpg

Fall Out on Buttercup
Grass, docken


metre-fall-out-day-1-at-500 OL.jpg

I think about collecting fall out and place black A4 card exactly where I sit.
Metre Fall Out, docken flower parts


Artificial Seeing


Studio essentials make their way out to the metre.


The Metre
Now two sets of boundary markers, the first of string and the second of wool, have been consumed by the metre itself.
However, I am confident I know precisely where it lies.

4th July 2011